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In Sanity

In sanity is the idea that a piece of paper is worth several thousand dollars and at least four years of one's life.
In sanity, one thinks that a thousand dollar piece of paper will guarantee a life of comfort and luxury.
In sanity lies the belief that all are meant to live the same way.
In sanity is the feeling that one is worth only what one is paid.
In sanity is found the thought that a marriage without children is empty and pointless.
In sanity, one believes that a parent is only as valuable as their child.
In sanity is the idea that one's child must be kept constantly busy whether he or she likes it or not.
In sanity, a child is only as valuable as his or her achievements.
In sanity is working one's whole life to enjoy only the last, brief and painful years of it.
In sanity is working a job one hates to get money that is never enough to buy things that never satisfy.
In sanity alone is promiscuous sex assured as passive, recreational and meaningless.
In sanity one can be in love that is comfortable, passive, unchanging and painless.
In sanity, love is effortless and takes care of itself.
In sanity is the comfortable acknowledgment of a higher power with no strings attached.
In sanity is the belief that one can mix together religion as a salad bar, taking all one wants and leaving that which one does not.
In sanity, the only morality is that which gets you ahead or gets you off.
In sanity are people who believe that every aspect of their lives can and should be planned without any hitches along the way.
In sanity, art is an industry.
In sanity we are told that art, any means by which we express ourselves, is nothing more than an unstable career choice.
In sanity is the thought that art is a choice.
In sanity one finds entertainment that is only unchallenging, inoffensive, thoughtless, soulless and geared toward the lowest wrung of societal taste.
In sanity, violence is always wrong and always avoidable.
In sanity that which does not immediately satisfy is without merit.
In sanity is the life of paper: Diploma, Degree, Certification, Paperwork, Marriage Certificate, Mortgage, Birth Certificate, Paperwork, Retirement Plan, Death Certificate.
In sanity is one always in control.
In sanity, only that which is popular is worth considering.
In sanity one must form thoughts, opinions, feelings and lives according to those of all others.
In sanity, one hides his or her own thoughts, opinions, feelings and lives.
In sanity, such an act shall have no consequences.
In sanity, those who follow the rules, work hard at the right job, procure and produce the right family shall always succeed.
In sanity is the nexus of endless expectation, constant worry, consistent disappointment, unlived life, unfelt love and never ending labor.
In sanity, one finds happiness in this nexus.
In sanity is silence.
In sanity ain't me.
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