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Whatever voice I lack in life, give it to me on the page. Reach into my heart, beyond the artifice and superficial, through the maddening currents of bitterness, sin and desire, down deep into the core where no one goes and of which no one knows. Reach in so deep it shakes all that is me to its purest foundation, devoid of baseness and falsehood. Rip away every wall, tear down the defenses, break apart my mind to go deeper into my heart.

Take it all from me and throw it against the screen. Splash it in blood of black and white for all to see. All that I don't want to say, all that I didn't know I had, pull it from the dungeons within and bring it to the light.

Shine Your light on it and let the reflection pierce my eyes. Set my hands alight to burn away the impurities. Mold my mind to Your desire, my will to Yours, my heart to Your standard. Speak to me and through me. Use me and that which you've wrought in me over a lifetime to make a spark an ever burning flame. Let it consume questions with undeniable answers.

All that is wrong me, bring it out to be judge by the Light. Burn it on the altar of this work and make something purer and greater than any human can hope to produce alone.

Let all who see know that it was not wrought with human hands. Let them hear Your call, let them see Your fingerprints. Set the light you've given me to shine. Make my life a perfect walk with You that even the blood my heart bleeds on the page will praise you. Use my life to direct me here. Just You and me. Let my hands tell the story you speak to my mind.

Let everyone see what you have wrought in me. Give them minds to know and eyes to see. Give them ears to hear and souls to wonder. Use me to save them as You used those I've known to make me Yours and to make me the man I should be, but not yet am.

Bless these works to Your Glory alone. Strip away the desire for money and fame. Strip away the love of praise and affirmation. Tell me only that You approve and that Your servant has done his duty. Let me feel you work through me, even when I question what emerges. Purify me to purify this. Make it the work of my life and make it worthy of Your Name, something I will never be without Your love.

Let Your Spirit shatter my flash and project His light to the world. Break me to make it right. Give me all I need to accomplish Your will and let mine be laid to waste if it differs from Yours.

I only want to serve You. If it means to never write again, so be it. But I pray, instead, that you make use of it. Challenge me. Break me. Hollow out a vessel, a temple, for Yourself. Take all that is wrong in me and make it right. Use me to reach others, even with this prayer.

I lay my life at your feet, for true life is with You. I await that day, but not idly. Instead, here I work to fashion for You a gift to enjoy as a wise Father to His simple son. Bless me to bless it. Everything is in Your hands. Use mine as Your own.

Marana Tha.

In The Name Of Our Brother, Your Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ,

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