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Happy Valentine's Day!

You never know what's in a heart until it's broken. Tear it open and watch the truth emerge. Every dark beast of concealed truth, every unspoken and unspeakable desire runs loose. They bite the hand that reaches in to let them out. Their teeth sink in and won't let go. They use their claws and climb their way up.

Ignore them, run away and swat them off, they'll only grow and keep coming. When they can't get to you, when you aren't there to gnaw, when you don't feel their pain, they'll jump off of you and come crawling back into me. They'll seal the heart up tight, refusing to emerge again. They breed, they grow and they brood, making themselves stronger.

They crawl around inside, slashing and eating all they can. They make their way into the mind, tearing it up. They pour out from the heart and rip apart all they see, never breaking the skin. The more they break, the more they breed. The more you hurt, the more they hunger.

If you listen, they'll break in through your ear, squirm through your brain and impregnate your heart only to pour out again on some other poor soul. If you run away, I'll be left screaming and wasting away. If you stay, they'll breed until my heart bursts and breaks itself.

They must be heard. They must be seen. They must be spoken to and they must be destroyed. Keep them in, and they'll break out. Let them breath and pacify your heart. Let it beat on its own.
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