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The Living Scar

You leave a big, black scar across my heart. Sometimes, I swear the hurt is the only thing keeping me alive. It's as though I was created just to please you with my pain. I'm your whipping boy, taking what you deserve, taking the pain, paying the price.

But I deserve it all because I created you, unless you created me. I made you to punish me for creating you. Like one hand drawing the other, until you reach back, grab my wrist and make me draw you the way you want to be.

I let you run, take you off your leash and let you take all you want. Then I catch you, hold you so tight that I squeeze you inside where you run wild, tormenting me day and night. Sometimes you sleep, but you'll wake up, run wild and run away. I'll catch you again, but for how long?

Someday I'll make you pay. I've paid enough of your debts, but maybe I owe it to everyone for letting you loose just to stop the pain. When you go out, I'm left alone and relieved. But when you come back, you just bring more.

I should have killed you long ago. I should have killed you before you began. I want you out of me, I want the pain to end, I want you stopped. But I know that scar will never heal.
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